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Should People Trade the Stock Market?

I have been writing about marketing and blogging. But this article is going to be about Trading the Stock Market.

More importantly, why people should get into it.

I have been trading the Stock Market since 2008, during the crisis and stocks plummeting. I did not know about the crisis till years later. I had no clue what was happening, but I was working and I wanted to get out of my 9-5 and overtime job. I started buying stocks I knew Apple, Sirius Radio, Bank of America, etc. I traded based on what I thought would good to “invest”. I was trading ignorantly and I got lucky.

When you first get into trading it will be a 50/50 chance of you either failing or succeeding. Without knowledge you do not have any control and you can call this gambling. But Stock Market is not gambling if you remove the speculation, hopes, greed, emotions and really dive into fundamental and technical approaches to determine your trades.

Is a professional poker player really gambling? Or is he or she determining the odds and managing their risk? If you open up a restaurant, will it succeed? How would you know? How do you determine its success?

More homework you do, the better your odds of succeeding. This is the Stock Market. Ignorant people will say its too risky, because they do not have a clue in getting started. It is normal for people to be skeptical and afraid of the unknown. More you understand about something, the better you feel about getting into it or forget about it.

As an entrepreneur, you would want to expand your businesses and have multiple streams of income. Stock Market is the same thing as buying real estate investment, or opening a new business. The more work you put in, the better your level of success. People buy single family homes and flip them, some hold it for 5 or 10 years and sell it, some will purchase multi-family and create residual income. There are multiple strategies and it is the same as the Stock Market.

You can probably YouTube your way or read multiple books on how to trade the Market. I have written two books on the Stock Market


These books do not go over strategies on how to trade, but the mental, emotions and how you should approach the Stock Market. There are tons of strategies and there are unique to the individual. Some can handle the amount of stress and trade daily. Some will want to buy and hold. Whatever suits you, there are ways to find success in the Stock Market.

If you want to get rich quick just like in any other business you wish to start. Without preparing yourself, you will fail. Bottom line, you can start with $500 or $25,000. The amount of money you need to start does not determine your success. Once you understand and own the strategies and the mentality of wanting to learn and be good at what you do, you will succeed. Build100k.com is in its beginning stage. Experimental.

I would love provide everyone the opportunity to build your first $100,000. My first way to making $100,000 and beyond was the Stock Market. It took me years to understand and develop my own. It is a long journey, but it pays off. I started when I had a job and put money aside to learn and trade my way to financial freedom. Determination is key, and being discipline.

If you approach the Market as a business, you will be successful. If you approach it as gambling, well, good luck.