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How Getting Up Early Help Improve Your Productivity

How Getting Up Early Help Improve Your Productivity

Everyone knows that the early bird gets the worm; but do you know how and why they say this? Do you know what exactly this proverb means? Well, in a nutshell, it means you need to cultivate the habit of getting up early and maintain the practice for maximum productivity in life. By waking up in the morning, will you reap the profits, gain the advantage and achieve success at whatever you do.

Now while those early-risers will agree with this, most of those who tend to sleep an extra fifteen minutes every morning after the alarm go off may not. One thing you must remember that all the successful people you see around you have reached this epitome of success mainly for their habit building efforts at getting up early.

Extra 15 days

Did you know that you can get as much as an extra 15 days a year just by getting up an hour early every day? This proves how important and necessary it is for you to get up early. It’s only if you manage to beat that inner voice of yours telling you to sleep another fifteen minutes or so will you be able to win the battle between victim and success.

It’s only if you get up early will you be able to offer some competition to the big guys, and keep them looking out for you. If you manage to gain confidence and charge over your inner voice, you will get up early and maximize your productivity.


As mentioned above, you get 15 days just by waking up an hour early every day. So just imagine how many of your days do you waste sleeping? Sometimes, you may have to sacrifice your sleep to get your work done.

Though it’s said that you need eight hours of sleep for increased health, it’s possible for most people to go through the day with just six to seven hours a night. Sleeping more can and will be a waste of time.

Time to exercise

By getting up early, you have time to exercise in the morning, which is the best time for exercising. Early morning exercise charges you up for the day with increased energy, focus, and motivation so that you become fresh and clear-headed to handle any problems and situations you come across throughout the day.


Many people state they feel invincible, and nothing can ruin their mood if they start the day running. Early morning exercise helps reduce stress as it releases the ‘feel good’ hormone serotonin in the morning to remain in your body through the day.

Early morning exercise also helps you find more time and patience to maintain happy and calm relationships with those around you. Once you feel better and have peaceful relationships with the people around you, you automatically feel it much easier focusing on your work. Your productivity is thus increased to help pave your path to success.

Time for yourself

Then again, the early morning is the only time you get some ‘quiet time’ for yourself. Today’s technological and high-pace lifestyle seldom leaves you with time for yourself. You find it difficult finding time for yourself to do creative work like meditation, yoga, writing a letter, reading a book or painting or anything creative which can be resolved just by getting up early.

So if you want some time to yourself, as it’s not possible to ‘buy’ time, the only way you can get this time is by making some time for yourself. And the only way to do this is by rising early in the morning. Not only are the surroundings quiet and calm, but there also are not many up so early to disturb you!

A source of inspiration

Getting up early helps with inducing productivity as it’s in the wee early hours of the day will you get ideas to help boost your business, the inspiration for your novel or piece of art and the answer to any problem troubling you for some time. All this happens because there are minimal distractions around you early in the morning. You thus have more focus and concentration on whatever you are doing.

No skipping breakfast

Of course, it goes without saying that by getting up early, you get time to have breakfast. There’s no need of skipping breakfast, a mistake many people do as breakfast is the one meal of the day you should not miss at all. Breakfast is when you feed your body with fuel after sleeping for so many hours.


Remember, your body had no food while you sleep, so if you skip breakfast, your body runs practically on empty fuel like your trying to start your car when it has no fuel. It’s by having breakfast will you provide your brain and body with food for thought and working, so that you become more productive at whatever you do.

Ahead of others

Once waking up becomes habit building, you manage to remain one step ahead of the crowd. While everyone else will be rushing to reach office on time, you the early bird has everything under control and have arrived at the office before everyone else may have left their homes!

It is only when you get up early in the morning do you get sufficient time to plan, organize and strategize your day’s work and activities. You find time to do everything you had planned, and the more work you do towards your goal, the better are your productivity levels.

In fact, the more organized you are with your time and day, the better decisions you can make as you have already grown focused about what you are doing, and know just what you need to do to reach your goals.

Develop a lifestyle change

So in a nutshell, it’s only by developing a habit of getting up early in the morning will you find time to do whatever you want to do and in the process, edge yourself towards your business goals or life aims.

Don’t worry if you are a late riser; anyone can become an early riser with some dedication, commitment, and urge to excel in life. You need to develop a lifestyle habit of getting up early, and you soon find yourself with so much more time on hand to do so much more in your life.

If you find it difficult getting up early, you could perhaps try sleeping an hour earlier so that you don’t feel exhausted in the mornings. However, don’t expect yourself to develop the habit of getting up early overnight.

It takes time to adjust and fit this change of timings to your every day’s schedule. Moreover, while you may not reap it benefits overnight, only time will help you realize the difference in the pace and effects of success in your life attained just by getting up early!


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How to Make Personality Testing Work For You

How to Make Personality Testing Work For You

If you’re reading this article then you’ve probably been thinking (as many people do) about how to improve yourself on a personal level. Whether that is increasing your confidence, developing leadership mentality skills, being more focused in your life or even just understanding your root motivations and how you see the world, personality testing can give you the insight you want to start making changes.

There are many tests available, both free and sponsored, that can provide you with subjective insight into your character, one of the most tried and tested of these is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). While being similar to Carl Jung’s Type Testing in that it measures introspection and extroversion, MBTI differs by basing its outcomes not on judgments but by more “open ended” responses based on perception.

Of course, with any information, it is only of value if we know how to use it. In this article, we will look at how to interpret data you get from personality tests, and more importantly, how to make positive changes in your day to day life based on what you’ve learned.


Who Should Take these Tests?

Taking theses test can either be a personal choice or one that an employer, who may be looking to change company dynamics, may make. While it is unlikely that any information you gain will blow your mind, they will make you realize that your key strengths and weaknesses are not yours alone and that most of us do fit broadly into fairly distinct personality types.

By understanding this, we can then seek to make positive changes by utilizing our strengths and making support/scaffolding structures to back up our weaker areas. Understanding yourself better is the first step in becoming a better you.

If you wanted to start a company, wouldn’t you look at the assets involved, the limitations in providing your service? Sure you would, and taking a personality test is really no different. When you want to make something new, first look at the materials you are working with, then plan for success.


What the Results Mean

It’s important to remember that any statements made on a personality test (even the MBTI), are not blanket statements. If a result states “introverted”, this doesn’t mean that that’s all you are, or even that it is necessarily a bad thing. It just means that within certain circumstances, the person taking the test demonstrates a tendency towards introversion.

Does this mean that you are doomed to a life of introversion? No. What it does mean, however, is that you now know that in some situations, you will likely not be the most outgoing person in the room. So how can we use this to our advantage? By being aware, we have the advantage that we can set up support structures in advance to help make situations that we may ordinarily feel are disadvantageous, into situations where we can excel!

What are Support Structures?

Support structures are simply preparations that you have made in order to help yourself achieve a better result.

Let’s look at a very common example:

Situation: You are at a meeting where there are two opposing ideas.

The problem: In pressure situations, you tend to be a little quiet and shy of pushing your ideas.

The solution: Here’s how you might set up some scaffolding or support structures.

  1. Make sure that you can describe your concept in very simple, short sentences.
  2. Make a list of possible negatives that your idea (or point of view) might face. Figure out a plain language rebuttal to these negatives.
  3. Be prepared to use “interjection language”. For example, if you feel that you are being sidelined, draw the attention back to yourself by beginning your next sentence with a slightly louder “So …” or “And…” The added volume and o course the fact that these words are conjunctive (thereby continuing) should make people refocus on you.
  4. Prepare a summation and practice it. If you can make a concise summary that reiterates your idea, deals with negatives and shows at least two good reasons why yours is the better idea, then be ready to use it. The more you practice saying it at home, the more freely it will flow from you and stay on point.

This is not just applicable to you work life. Many people face this challenge in the home or at school, too.


How Do I Use This Information Today?

The first step is to consider how the personality test actually made you feel. There are no right or wrong results; it’s all about your subjective feelings about those results. If there are parts that you felt were negative, then this is the time to look at how you can turn these into positives.

For example, if a result states that you tend to act too impulsively, then there are several things you can do to remedy this. Begin by making a list of situations you might be in where you are likely to make impulsive or instinctive decisions. Consider what option you will have in those situations and then take your time to think about what decision will provide the best long-term outcome for you. By doing this, you are no longer acting in an “impulsive manner”. Your decisions will be based on rational forethought and consideration, which is more often than not, a better outcome.

How Can I Ensure Positive Changes Going Forward?

Changing our habits is not an overnight move. Psychologists argue that habit forming behavior takes around three to four weeks of consistency before your neural paths begin rewriting. If you only try to improve yourself a couple of days a week, you’re doomed to fail. Self-improvement is not a one-off; it’s a lifelong, and rewarding, undertaking, that if done right can make you one of those rare few: a contented person.

Set yourself challenges on a daily basis. By tasking yourself, you not only get the personal pleasure of achievement, you set yourself up to be the kind of person that hits goals. Try not to make the goals unrealistic, figure out how you will measure each success with some clear parameters and failure factors. And remember, if you don’t succeed the first time, keep going, evaluate and try again.


What Personality Type are You? Take the test here 

If you want to learn more about Myer Briggs Personalities Types, go through these list of books below and start learning who you are, and who can be. Offer these books to your employees and or friends and encourage each others to take control and create change


8 ways to increase your learning curve

8 Ways On How To Increase Your Learning Curve

Human beings have a natural thirst for knowledge and whether this thirst is fueled by some wild curiosity or the genuine desire to stay informed, the fact remains we all have a spirit of adventure within us. In the quest for more knowledge and skills, some of us grasp faster while others are not so good at keeping the pace. This rate at which we grasp information and learn new skills or gain new experience is what is referred to as a learning curve. In this article, we shall explore some of the ways on how to increase your learning curve so that you can make the most of your time and be more productive.

Analyze Your Work Criteria

Understanding the way you work is the first step in improving your learning curve. This understanding comes from careful consideration of the amount of time you take using the resources you pool in to give out a particular output. In a nut shell, what you need to discover is your strengths and weaknesses.

Just like a computer, human productivity is measured in terms of input and output. If you take four hours to fully discharge a particular function, it would be unrealistic if you assigned yourself multiple such functions under the same time duration as this would mean your productivity is greatly impaired. Therefore, any changes in your work criteria should take into account all the dynamics in order to ensure your learning curve increases normally.

Take Time to Learn

To learn is a continuous process and regardless of how educated one may be, there is always something one is yet to discover. Therefore, try to keep an open mind and ask the right questions so that you fully understand a concept.

Do not for a moment think of yourself as an accomplished individual with nothing more to add because as we learn new things, some of the things we had previously learned are rendered useless, thus creating more room in our minds for more information.

Break the Monotony

Monotonous tasks create a comfort zone from in we may later find ourselves trapped. These comfort zones stifle our progress as they create an illusion that things are perfect when they actually aren’t.

Therefore, a good way to ensure your learning curve improves is to break away from your monotonous routines. If you work in, say a hotel’s front desk and it is the low season with few or no guests, you may find yourself updating same records every day, thus adding no value to yourself or the organization. However, you would be better off trying other tasks such as preparing lunch or breakfast for staff members. This way, you will not only receive the satisfaction of breaking the monotony but may also acquire a new set of skills.

Learn One New Thing Everyday

We can never grasp everything in an instance but with sustained efforts, we may eventually be masters of all trades. The trick, therefore, is to ensure that you learn a new thing every day.

The good thing with this is you do not need to restrict yourself to a certain course of study as long as you can stand and claim at the end of the day that you know something you were ignorant about when the day began. Additionally, you need not be tied to boring tasks; you can choose an area of your interest. If you are interested in the culinary arts, you will find satisfaction in knowing that you learned to bake a pancake on Monday, learned to make on omelet on Tuesday etc.

Take Regulated Breaks

The learning process is often an exciting one but if not handled carefully, you may find yourself overburdened and weighed down by tasks. This will leave you greatly demotivated, which is why you need to ensure you take regulated breaks.

These breaks will not only refresh your mind but will rejuvenate you so that once you resume your assignments, you will do so with renewed vigor. It is important to note that the breaks do not necessarily mean a period of lull in your learning process, they may as well be a period within which you pursue other tasks, especially tasks you are passionate about. Giving to charity is one of the most reassuring ways of expending your breaks.

Take Notes

When you are learning something new, you may be tempted to trust your memory. There is no denying the fact that some of us are endowed with the most retentive memories but it is also a fact that memories have a way of letting us down when we really need them.

We have all experienced that moment when you know you have met someone but you simply cannot place them. However, unlike our fallible and unreliable memories, what is put in ink is never deleted and this is precisely why your learning curve could increase if you do not commit everything to memory and instead note it down. This makes it easier when you need to cross check your facts in the future.

Gain Feedback

One of the surest indicators for growth in your learning is listening to feedback – both positive and negative. Feedback is a great way of assessing your performance and whether it motivates or demoralizes you, all you need to do is take it positively.

The goal here is not to let the positive feedback deceive you into thinking you have arrived, neither is it to make the negative feedback hold you back with the assumption that you are not good enough. You should learn to properly harness every feedback and improve where necessary. Also, never forget that however perfect you try to achieve anything, you will always have those who think you should have done it differently.

Teach Someone

There is a common saying that goes, “knowledge shared is knowledge doubled’’. When we teach other people what we have learned ourselves, we open up more avenues to learn even more.

This is because teaching others enables us to assess our abilities, thus invoking self confidence as we get to put our skills to test. Additionally, teaching others also makes it possible for those with whom we share information to share something back and this creates a ripple effect which eventually adds to our knowledge base, thus helping us increase our learning curve.


best chrome extension for productivity

10 Best Chrome Extension You Want for the Best Output of Productivity

When you’re working for yourself or working on multiple projects by yourself, you don’t have the luxury of someone telling you what to do. On the contrary, it’s also a luxury to have no one tell you what to do. But when it comes down to productivity, it’s solely based on your time management and the routines you develop to get things done.

Chrome is one of the best browsers out there. I mainly use Chrome because of the extensions as well as the apps that I can get for free. Take a look at what Chrome Extensions can offer you, to help increase your output of productivity.

Here’s the list of the best app extensions to increase productivity and time management:


1. Awesome Screenshot

Having a problem relaying your instructions on a broken issue on your site? Awesome Screenshot is here to save the day. You can use it alone or even to collaborate. Screenshots are the best way of communicating your message to increase productivity. Everyone should be using this tool. They will also host your screenshot for limited time, so you don’t have to overload that hard drive of yours.

Checker Plus for Gmail™ Chrome Web Store

2. Checker Plus for Gmail

I receive 20-50 emails a day. Usually, I set aside a few minutes each day to go through my emails. I either respond or delete them, saving only the ones I get back to on the weekend. Having the ability to take a quick glance into the email lets me see if I should invest more time into it or not. Or if I only have 5 emails on a day like on the weekend, I can quickly glance at my emails using this extension. For a donation, you can set up a do no disturb schedule so you can go through your emails, a feature so you can listen to your emails and also receive notifications. Setting aside emails at a specific time has helped me increase my productivity.

Any.do Extension Chrome Web Store


Creating a To Do List is something I have lacked. Often times, plans do change, but your priorities shouldn’t. You should assign yourself tasks, then complete them. This is a great tool to help you remind yourself what needs to be done, what meetings you need to attend, webinars you need to join and turn your emails into actions. Any.do provides people with organizing as well as put priorities of their tasks. They even include a “Someday” setting, so, if you have projects you might someday want to tackle on, it has a reminder as well. You can either use their full web based app or like me, use the extension as it provides enough features to quickly glance at your tasks and manage them

Evernote Web Clipper Chrome Web Store

4Evernote Web Clipper

This extension is a cocktail of Awesome Screenshot and Feedly. You might want to highlight a sentence in one of the articles you read, or take a screenshot, bookmark, etc. If you are using awesome screenshot, you can have them host your screenshot and copy its url. You should use this extension with Evernote if you want to collect those screenshots. Evernote is one of the most popular note taking apps that is out there right now. And with this extension, you can quickly harness great articles, texts, add notes and gather amazing content for your next campaign, blog, etc.

SimilarWeb Site Traffic Sources and Ranking Chrome Web Store

5. Similar Web

For writers, and that’s everyone in the Email Marketing Industry, you want the best content possible to gain traction, open rates, click rates, etc. What SimilarWeb provides is a one click access to Engagement Reports, Stats, Rankings, etc. This is useful for S.E.O, P.P.C, Marketers, Social Media, credibility and finding what is working for others and trying to replicate or adapt to it. You might read an article thinking it’s the best one you read, but how about the data and what others are saying about it? This can eliminate content that isn’t getting enough traction, as well as finding the best writers, content, methods to learn from.

StayFocusd Chrome Web Store

6. Stay Focused

For those who get sidetracked by watching countless hours of YouTube kitty videos, Stay Focused will help you restrict your viewing pleasure to help you get back on track to what you should be focusing on. It does this by restricting the amount of time you browse the web and on time wasting websites. If you don’t like having a boss, well, consider Stay Focused to be the disciplined version of yourself.

Be Limitless Chrome Web Store

7. Be Limitless

Limitless is a productivity companion for Chrome. It turns the new tab into a beautiful dashboard to easily identify where your time is wasted, then provides suggestions on how to improve productivity. The dashboard also includes a smart notepad that makes to-dos, reminders and countdowns easy to create and remember. Create goals and achieve them with inspiring images and quotes (Be Limitless)

Well, if you don’t want to be restricted with Stay Focused, then you might want to use this. Limitless will help you see where you spend the most time and even help you create a to do list. If this app isn’t for you well, you do have Any.do and Stay focus to help you. I simply use this to help me realize that I am spending way too much time on Saks and should start saving money instead.

Noisli Chrome Web Store

8. Nosili

What better way to remove distraction, whether it’s noise or people, than having the sounds of nature help you stay calm and relaxed. For those who are easily distracted, Noisli is the way to go. It helps you by playing your favorite background noise to get you to stay focused and concentrate on your task. Some people are more vulnerable with noise than others. If you want to feel like you’re at Starbucks when you’re at home, they actually have a theme that sounds like a coffee shop. That can help you calm your nerves.


9. Pocket

I am usually out and about, so Pocket provides two benefits for me. When you find an article you want to read but have to go to a meeting or meet someone to talk business, you can have Pocket save and sync to your phone, tablet or computer. It will save it so that you can view the article without having any internet connection, if you can’t find one at your current location. Hey, if I am waiting for a meeting to start, I might as well start reading and be productive about it.

feedly Mini Chrome Web Store

10. Mini Feedly

Feedly is an amazing app, simply because I have compiled all the writers to this one app. I can go through my favorite experts and don’t have to look for them. Feedly is a newsfeed that comes to you. Whether for business or pleasure, as you find experts, amazing writers, content masters, websites, etc., you can add them using the Mini Feedly extension. All your content will be ready for your to read. If you really wanted to, you can save to Evernote, email it, or even share the page with your social media accounts. But mainly, this is the fastest and most productive way to add new writers to my feedly newsletter so then I can get up to date content from them. Adding and having all your favorite writers and websites in one location increases productivity and saves you time.

Searching for Content is one thing. Adding Time Management and Productivity Tools will be a huge asset that saves you both time and money. There is a difference between feeling productive and actually being productive. Let these Chrome extensions help you gain the structure you need to waste less time and create more value for your business.