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Top Ten Email Marketing Tips

Top Ten Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing is a basic need if you want to boost sales or just simply flood an enormous amount of traffic to your website. However most people do not even have the slightest clue on how to be a successful email marketer that they tend to forget that it is a letter—just delivered electronically. This means that just like how Romeo wooed Juliet, you have to be an Internet Cassanova, luring leads, clients or potential customers to your casa—that is your site.

Here are some email marketing tips to make sure that you will be able to bait those prospects:

1.No list, no dough.

You have to build a list of addresses first. To who will you send your well-written promo email if no one is there to read it? It’s like entering a raffle draw. The more entries you send the more chances of winning. Be sure to create a huge database of email addresses to send your marketing emails. Some ideas on how to build that list would be:

A). Creating popups on your site for whatever purpose you deem worthy of catching the visitor’s attention that they will be forced to input their email address;

B) Putting links on different pages for an upgrade of a promo or offer;

C) A subscription section on the site which is strategically placed for easy viewing.

2) Subscription should be so easy they can do it in their sleep.

Of course they can’t do that, since they might be typing in the wrong email address. But make sure that options to subscribe to your newsletter would be gentle nudges here and there from your social media accounts, and even in the most visible areas of your site like at the bottom of the homepage. If you have a separate subscription page that the user has to navigate to, don’t expect that you can rake in that email address.

3) Anticipation is everything.

Ever wondered why film previews and movie trailers leave us going ga-ga over what’s going to happen really soon? That’s because we’re wired to expect what we don’t know but are given a chance to know. Expectations are hard-wired to us as human beings. Give your client something to anticipate, and he or she will surely give in. For instance, right below the subscribe button, put some sort of an ad that says, “Get ready to become financially free in 2 days!” – that is if you host a financial education website.

4) You want a thank you’? Say welcome’ first.

Before your subscribers can even appreciate what you’re doing for them, you have to let them know that they are welcome. Send a welcome email. Make them feel that they are part of something great, an exclusive family that of course makes you more money than them, but they do not know that. Subscribers are more likely to stay loyal if at the onset they are sent an initial email right away thanking them for their patronage. A catchy headline will also get you a wow’.

5) Wear the right clothes.

You cannot expect your date to be proud to be with you if you don’t look great. The same goes with your newsletter. Make sure that aesthetically, it matches that of your brand. Your campaigns should complement the feel of your brand. It should be unique and not just an obvious template you got somewhere. Popular brands know that image is everything. Build it. Your newsletter’s theme should be memorable.

6) Feed your subscriber’s ego.

The famous Steve Jobs said that Apple dictated what people wanted, and that customers do not know what they want. But face it, you are not Steve Jobs. So stop trying to reinvent the wheel and go with what works. Find out what your subscribers want to read. Study the demographics of your list and make segments and list groups so that you will be able to target a group of people for a specific purpose. If your business has XBOX games on sale, you don’t want to be sending the promo codes for that to an email audience of ages 70 years old and above.

7) The world is small, make it smaller.

Lazy people think of ways to make hard tasks easier, and that’s a principle you would want to apply if you want to make your brand viral. The content and links of your email newsletters should be shareable. Let your subscribers do the work for you. If the content is great, the only distance between getting stuck in their inbox and your success is a share button.

8) Phone versus computer.

If you still haven’t realized, more people may have access to a smart phone probably the entire day than on their laptops or computers. Some may even have a smart phone but do not have a computer. So if your campaign is not mobile-ready, you might have lost the marketing war even before the battle began. Free email marketing services like MailChimp display email content very well on a mobile device. If you cannot afford a paid email distribution service just yet, you may want to consider going for MailChimp.

9) Spam is food, not friends.

Anyone who uses email knows very well that things that get into your Spam folder are basically trash just waiting to be dumped. So in order to avoid tarnishing the name of your brand by falling into the Spam category, it pays to be knowledgeable on the CAN-SPAM act to keep your integrity. Also, even if it is basically against your heart’s desire, be professional enough to include an unsubscribe link in every email that you send. But remind them as well how they were included in your mailing list.

10) If you don’t have anything to say, shut up.

The internet is already filled with useless content that takes up too much space in the cloud. Do your subscriber a favor by sending useful, relevant content. Your emails should always have a purpose, and good business always fosters from ensuring that what you do will be beneficial not only for you, but for your client as well. Email marketing tricks will get advance you to a level at some point, but sincerity will give you success.

Great SEO Tips That Will Quickly Increase Your Google Rankings

Of all the Internet marketing strategies in use today, search engine optimization is the battle-tested method of achieving top most rankings in the search engines. Many commercial websites engage in SEO strategies to further expand their website’s visibility.

These techniques can help them to rank high in search results and thus provide better chances to attract customers and generate higher sales of their products. However, to register high rankings in the organic search results, there are various both on-site and off-site SEO strategies that work to help build authority and trust with the search engines on selected keyword phrases. To enable you to get closer to your goal of being ranked in the top 10, here are several SEO tips that can help:

Social Networking and Bookmarking:

Social Media is the best platform for your website’s promotion. Social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. are the best way to gain traffic to your site. Through the sharing buttons like Facebook ads, twitter ads, and Bing ads, your readers or audience will be able to share your posts with others. I personally use GetSocial.io plugin, it’s simple and elegant, but there are others like Sumome, ShareThis plugins that other sites use.


As a WordPress user, using Yoast SEO Premium or All in One SEO Pack allows you to preview what your post will look like when shared on Facebook. We have a similar preview for Twitter. Both previews also have edit fields below them.


Adding a WP to Buffer plugin and having a Buffer account can help automate your sharing process as soon as you post an article from your site. By using Yoast or All in One SEO you can visually see what your post will look like. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to add hashtags if you want to automate your posts to social media sites. You would want to use Revive Network Plugin. Want to share just the titles of your posts? Or include a hashtag, or mention a @username, or some completely custom additional text? Revive Social plugins allows you to do that, along with custom sharing, and track every clicks.

This will boost your blog’s traffic. Not only social networking site but social bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, etc. are also very useful for your off page SEO. You will get immense traffic from these sites as well as a quality backlink which will increase your site’s Google page rank.

Keyword Search

It is a practice to most SEO experts to first research on the best keywords which you can incorporate into your site to make them more optimized for local search. You must determine the most popular keywords being used by internet users when searching the products your website is also catering. You must also try to use those keywords and search for them using the popular search engines and then take note of the sites that will rank high in the search results. Get to know your competitors and determine the strategies that helped them to achieve high ranking in search results. All these can give you clearer ideas on what strategies will be most appropriate for you to use.

best pizza in los angeles

If you have a brick and mortar store, a good local SEO strategy is also to include local keywords in your website. This is to gain better chances for your site to appear in search results when a potential customer is using more specific keywords like a product with a corresponding location.

Dive deeper into local keyword strategy and use street names as well as social platforms like Yelp or Foursquare. Internet users who are interested in buying a particular product will use keywords pertaining to a product in a specific local area.

To help with content of your page or an article:

Yoast Plugin does an analysis of your article and provide helpful tips on how to optimize each article.

Free version:


Pro version:


I believe that the last part of Yoast Analysis “You’ve never used this focus keyword before” is a great feature to have. You might write about the same topic in your niche, but understanding and discovering different keywords, both long and short tail keywords can help you maximize your SERP (Search engine results page).

While Yoast is an awesome tool to use, they do not provide keywords so you will need to use a different tool like SemRush.

You can type in your domain url down below (You will need to purchase SemRush to use this tool)

While Google Keyword Planner is the best place to begin keyword research for free. SemRush provides an All in One solution for your online business.
Kwfinder is also an amazing tool to help you find those long tail keywords. Along with finding your competition keywords with SerpChecker and Find out how difficult is to rank for the keyword. These two tools are absolute essential to help optimize your content, as well as rank your business via your sites Meta.


Images do not have keywords

But you can add alt text to your images. This will increase your image search visibility when people use Google > Images:

google image search

The title or the image name is not enough. Make it a habit of adding alt text to each image you upload via WordPress.

alt tags how to wordpress

Optimize Your Meta Tags

Once you have picked out relevant keywords for your site, now it is going to be important that you carefully place these target keywords in crucial locations. One of the most important positions for your keywords is in the HTML title tag for the page. Many great web pages can get poor rankings because they do not place keywords in title tags. You’ll also want to use keywords “High” on your pages as well since search engines really like this. Try using keywords as the headline for your page and preferably keep them in the first paragraph of your web content. Remember that tables and big sections of JavaScript can actually push your text down on the page, so try to use these further down on your pages if you can, in order to make sure that search engines read your text first.


If you are using WordPress, you can simplify your approach with automation using Yoast Plugin (picture above)


All in one SEO Pack, either free or pro version is not as automated like Yoast. However, habit of finding the right keyword, and writing the actual description can be helpful. If you are a control freak like me, you might want to add them manually versus automating the process. The difference between free and the pro version is the updates, the pro version is always one version higher than the free pack.


Practice changing the headings for each sub heading can help your reader visually consume your content, as well as help Google process it’s information and better read your content.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is the trend nowadays. Bloggers are using videos to make their posts (especially tutorial) easier to understand; they promote their videos to grab some extra traffic to their blog. You can also use video marketing for off page optimization of your blogs; there are many sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, etc. on which you can promote your video posts. By these sites, you can get massive traffic to your blog with a backlink.

Utilize Search Engine Friendly URL Structures

The URLs of your website should also keep your targeted keywords in mind. Optimized search engine friendly URLs work to support your optimized web copy and meta tags by including the same targeted keyword phrases in the URL string. If your web page has the same targeted keywords in the Meta tags, in the body copy and in the URL, that all combines to make your web page highly relevant to the keyword phrase being targeted for your organic search campaign.

Google sees hyphens as word separators while underscores aren’t recognized. Consider using punctuation in your URLs. The URL http://www.example.com/green-dress.html is much more useful to us than http://www.example.com/greendress.html. We recommend that you use hyphens (-) instead of underscores (_) in your URLs.

Start a Content Marketing Strategy

Once your website is well-optimized for organic SEO, the next step you should take is starting a content marketing campaign that helps to build links to your website. Building links to your web pages help build authority for your web page on the particular topic it discusses. The best way to garner these links is by blogging and article writing, as well as distributing other content to other websites like videos and press releases that help to build your online footprint and to help build links back to your site. This off-site content marketing strategy is a crucial cog in achieving long-term organic SEO success.

Link Baiting:

Link bait is content on your website that other sites link to because they want to, not because you ask them to. It is also an effective off page SEO strategy. The key to link baiting is quality articles. Whenever you write a quality post, then people will love to talk about your content and probably provide a backlink for the particular post. The quality of article content matters most, hence you have to write interesting and valuable posts that attract others, this make them share your post with their readers. This will increase your website ranking.


Local SEO strategies can surely help you to compete with your local business rivals efficiently. Internet users who are searching for websites which are offering the products that they would like to purchase would definitely search for it locally. For sure, they would prefer to buy those products in websites which physical address is near their place. To be able to get indexed by popular search engines, it is a wise idea to incorporate your business’ physical address to your website, web page titles, headings or contents. In this way, your website will have greater chances to appear in the local search results.

If your primary focus in an online business, focus on specific-detailed-pinpoint keywords to target specific niche. If you plan on selling an “email marketing course”, instead of trying to rank that specific keyword, ask yourself why your course can help your prospect.

“Last chance to revive your email marketing”
“Email marketing using only facebook lead gen”

Play around with different keywords that you can easily rank for.

100 Million From Email Marketing: Secrets To Copy

100 Million From Email Marketing: Secrets To Copy

There is no doubt that Agora Publishing is the Google of email marketing. No competitor comes even close. This is the $100 million company founded by Michael Masterson that stands tall and way above the rest.

It is telling that most of Agora’s revenue is generated through email marketing free newsletters and exceptional copywriting.

But what exactly does Agora do that other people do not do? What are the real secrets behind the tons of cash the company has been generating for years?

Giving Away Information That Prospects Quickly Realize They Are Lucky To Get For Free

The first thing that stands out about Agora Publishing is the quality of free information that the company keeps on giving away for free. It is always the kind of high quality information that people would easily pay good money for. The company keeps on churning out newsletters packed with actionable tips that are highly targeted and actually address the prospects’ most pressing problems directly. And when the information is put to use, it works. But Agora gives it all away for free.

Everybody knows what an email newsletter is supposed to do. If you do not, you came to the right place (check out my other articles).

It is the ultimate tool to build a relationship with a prospect so that you are able to sell later.

But what most of us do is try to hold off as much of the information with the real value as we can. We save it all for the paid product or eBook that we will ultimately sell to the prospect that we are trying to build a relationship with. Of course the prospect quickly sees through our selfish approach and rather than build the relationship they unsubscribe to all that “trash” we bombard their inbox with. Bottom line the typical Internet marketer is always in a terrible hurry to sell.


In sharp contrast Agora focuses on building a solid relationship first ad they do this by giving away lots of high value information for free without appearing to be in any hurry to get at the prospects’ wallet. The result is that a strong emotional tie is developed as the giver of valuable information quickly establishes themselves as an authority in the field. So when something is finally offered for sale it is quickly purchased.

That neatly explains the fact that you will rarely see one off reports in Agora marketing. Instead, the focus is constantly on regular valuable email newsletters that deliver value.

The kind of value that wows even the most discerning of prospects.

Is it any wonder that the company gets the kind of response rates the rest of us can only dream of? In one example Agora generated a staggering $6 million from one $27 eBook. Most Internet marketers would be over the moon if they generated just half of that in an entire year from an array of different products.

Intimate Direct Response Marketing Learned From The Best

Another aspect that clearly stands out in Agora are the copywriting skills employed. Clearly the company has carefully studied and replicated the approach and formats of even offline direct response gurus and giants like Clayton Makepeace, Weiss International and Boardroom.

Successful direct response folks understand their prospect extremely well so much so that they can think like their customer and are therefore able to effortlessly produce the copy that will touch all the hot buttons and get people to do exactly what they want. Agora seems to have picked up all this from mostly offline companies that have been in the direct response business for many decades. The results can clearly be seen in Agora’s bulging balance sheet.

The foundation of its’ bond with the prospect starts with the copy used to convince the would-be customers that they can get exactly what they are looking for by subscribing and staying subscribed to the email newsletter.

The More Frequently You Communicate The More Receptive The Other Person In The Relationship Becomes


Best friends are always together, always doing things together and interacting. This is a principal at the very heart of the Agora strategy. It is interesting how the rest of us are even terrified at times about sending off our email newsletters too frequently because our list (built at great cost) may end up rapidly shrink with too many unsubscribing from it.


The writing is clearly on the wall here.

Frequent communication using only high quality value works in building relationships with lists and will ultimately deliver amazing results.

In other words you do not know when the prospect will be ready to make a purchase but more frequent communication dramatically increases the chances that they will hear from you just when they need you.

In a way this is the same concept behind the success of Google advertising response and revenue. Right from the beginning the search giant went to great pains to ensure that displayed ads were always closely relevant to the keywords searched for by the prospect. Highly relevant information delivered via email to a carefully targeted audience will hardly provoke folks to unsubscribe. Rather, it will draw them closer and prepare them for that offer to buy when it comes.

There Is Absolutely No Substitute For Great Content And Great Copywriting

Agora invests very heavily in in-house staff and expertise to generate an endless supply of quality content. Both for the website used to build the email opt in list and in the newsletters themselves.

When you really think about it, there is no substitute to great content and great copywriting in successful email and Internet marketing. This is really where the war is quickly won or lost. The message here is that for your email marketing to succeed you will need to spend a lot of time and resources on your content. Without it, nothing else will pan out.


The real message here and the ultimate Agora secret is that although they do the same things everybody else does, they do it very differently. With more passion and focus on human nature and the customer. Everything is about the prospect and customer and about doing what will please and amaze the owner of the wallet with the money. And that is one of the key secrets that makes the difference between this 100 million behemoth and the rest of the struggling brigade.



Essential Beginners Email Marketing Tips

An email marketing strategy is a must if you are planning to create high visibility for your product or service. There are several forms of internet advertising like search engine optimization, Pay Per Click, Article Marketing, Banner Ads, AdWords, reciprocal linking, and much more. But one of the most convenient, low cost, and effective form of internet advertising is email marketing. From managing your company website to SEO and social networking, email marketing is among the best ways to market your goods and services to the online world.

A well-planned email marketing campaign can largely affect your business’ visibility and global recognition. And by following the right email marketing procedures, you can start seeing the results once your target customers receive your emails. Email marketing also allows you to adapt to a constantly changing business world which makes the competition for a wider client base more cut-throat than ever before. If you want to get the most out of your online presence, you should invest more time and energy on making sure that you get your email marketing strategy right. Here are some valuable Email marketing tips and tricks you should consider:

Create a capturing subject

The first key to running a profitable marketing campaign via email is to create an interesting and capturing subject that will entice the recipient to opening the email and reading further. It is strongly recommended avoiding common spam symbols like $$ or !! as these are used in several spam messages and are automatically blocked by anti-spam tools. While you may want to portray the excitement of your special offer or service, do so without using these symbols and increase numbers of emails that truly reach your email list.

Question: Would you open these emails?


Second Question: What email subjects line would you open?

Create a marketing funnel

marketing funnel

A marketing funnel is the course of action that a potential customer will go through from the time they supply you with their email address to the time when they purchase the product. You need to put in place a sequence of marketing emails that will build a relationship with your prospect so that they come to know, like and trust you. Part of Email Marketing is to build relationships and gain trust. It is no good you trying to sell a product to your list on every email you send; it won’t work. The strategy to use is to help them succeed by offering them a free newsletter, useful tips or a gift. This way you gain their trust, and when you do recommend a product to purchase, they are more likely to buy.

Catchy preview line


Another important tip is to build interest with your prospects in not only the subject line but also the preview pane. While each recipient will have their inbox preferences set differently, most skim through an email to see its relevance. By capturing your audience immediately and avoiding boring and unimportant information, you are more likely to intrigue your client and make them want more.

Going back to this picture…. Look at how the preview line is just horrible. Let’s look at the first one

Watcha doing July 5th? – there

STOP! that doesn’t make any sense. Make sure you preview your previews! They didn’t even get my name right. **Names are blurred out.



Make the emails compelling

Your readers will not open the emails till you convince them to do so. So, try and build a sense of urgency. Prove to them that they stand to lose a lot, if they do not open and read your messages. You can also offer them a freebie or two, to entice them to open your email. However, avoid the use of the term ‘free’ in the subject line because it will surely set off spam filters and your email will never make it to your clients.


Segment your audience

Not all your subscribers are same in terms of their buying preferences, or for that matter in the opening and reading of your emails. You need to organize them in different categories, and before that remove any of the duplicate subscribers as it hurts you financially, as autoresponder service providers charge you for every subscriber that you have in your subscribers’ list. Find out the number of subscribers who open your emails and also who actually buy from you. Create different emails for the various categories of customers to have an effective email marketing campaign.

Limit the number of emails you send

When devising your email based strategy, you need to put in place specific rules that limit the amount of emails that you send to people on your mailing list. You should set up rules that state when emails can be sent and when they should be avoided. This will prevent your company from becoming considered a “spam” mail service. If you overuse your email marketing program, you will quickly discover that members of your list will block your email address or will unsubscribe from your services.


Have an email database list for each product

Develop an email database list for each product or service that you offer. Don’t bunch everyone into the same list. At the very least you will want a general email list for people who visit the front page of your website and then a list for each product you sell. Remember to name your lists correctly so that you know where to send your messages based from where the audience joins your list.


Create follow-up messages

An autoresponder is a feature that you’ll need to make your email marketing effective. Your autoresponder can automatically send out messages to people who sign up to your list, regardless of the time of day or where they are from. These follow-up messages explain the benefits of your product or service to your prospect and will contain a link to your sales page.

Send broadcast emails

A broadcast email message goes out to all or a chosen segment of your entire database, regardless of when somebody joined your list. It’s an excellent way to tell your subscribers about exclusive events, special offers or a new blog post or article on your website.


While email marketing is an affordable way to advertise your brand, implementing a profitable email marketing campaign involves strategy and methodologies that many business owners are not aware of. If you are starting your home business, or advertising your products and services, consider following expert advice to make your campaign as successful as it can be. With the primary goal of increased production and an expanded customer base being the same for businesses serving all industries, these tips can prove beneficial to all sales and marketing specialists using emails as their delivery method of choice.

Check out more list of possibilities with GetResponse.

How to Write an Amazing Ebook for your Lead Magnet

There are three ways to go about this. If someone else can do it for me option, private label rights option, and I want to do it my way option. We live in the digital age where we can ask someone to write a book for us and the costs are very pleasing. But you also have to investigate and see if the person who is going to write for you will have the same tone and idea. Also, consider the portfolio of the person for hire and see what previous work they have done.

If writing is not for you, you can always have someone else write it for you. Or purchase a Private Label Rights of an ebook and make it your own. But the power of an ebook is real. We see tremendous traffic coming in. People begging to get their hands on FREE EBOOK Download every second of the day.

We see incredible opt in rates with FREE EBOOK DOWNLOAD. More than any other offers. Sure, Infographics, Videos are great tool, but ebook has that “I own this book” psychological effect on people and results are in.

There is something about writing your own ebook just makes it worthwhile. The hardest part of writing is probably the first sentence. When you look at the project as a whole, it seems like an impossible task.

That is why you have to break it down, enough so that you can manage your way into it and take breaks if you need to. Do not think of it as marathon running or sprints. Think of it as a journey, you need to take those steps, stop and rest and continue, till you reach the end. But make sure you across the finish line.

If you have an idea of what the book is going to be about. It might be easier than not having one. A working title is the first step. You might want to write down few ideas first and not write the whole thing. Titles help you focus on your writing topic and guide you. You do not want to start writing and realize that you do not have a good ending or find something else.

This article is not here to help you what title you should come up with, but the road you need to take to write one. 

Books should be able to let the readers know what the problem is and how to solve it. Pretty simple, but produces amazing results. Just how many problems should the book have? It can be unlimited. There are books that provides 101 ways to solve writing headlines. And, there are books to help solve one problem. If you are offering your book as a lead magnet, you want to be brief and to the point. Having one problem and solving that is enough. If you have more, you can write more books!

You want to ask yourself this question:

Is the book relevant today?

Will it positively affect the lives of your readers?

Will your readers engage and dynamic enough?

Is it meaningful and significant? What is in it for your readers?

Having said yes to all this is all it takes to start writing. You can also provide these answers within your book.

Just like Email Marketing, you want to look for targeted audience, then a group of these people will dictate the element. Gender, age, interests, etc. As you have these in writing you can go back to it and let the reader know who they are and let them know you are writing it for them specifically.

You will then write as if you are writing to the individual. This is how you are going to engage with them at a personal level. Write down what you want them to do and like email marketing, have them take action.

If you are writing this to increase traffic to your landing page to offer products, you can start promoting and help them visualize the product you want to offer. You want to build their trust? Write your story.

A simple rule you can use is to provide Five chapters with an introduction. This will help your book look and feel like a book. You are not writing a book to publish on Amazon, but you do want your readers to read the whole book. Five is manageable and engaging.

Need more content?

Add testimonials, stories, photos, advice, tips. If you provide these elements to your book, you will have easy break downs and make your readers reading the whole book. Few sentences and paragraphs of each will help them turn to the next page.

What tone? You want to write casually, and with a conversational tone. You are not writing a fiction but having conversation with them.

Did that help you? What other possibilities can you add in your own ebook?

Add bullet points, numbers, spacing, to make it so that the readers think it is not going to be too long to finish reading your book. Give them room to breath, and if they need to stop reading, they can easily pinpoint where to go back to.

Ask them questions and guide them to the direction you want them to go to. 

Whether you hire an editor or reread hundreds of times. Good writing takes practice, and lots of it. You are in the email marketing business and what we write, makes a difference. That does not mean you should use big words, but get to the point and make it easier for your readers to read. Read it out loud before finalizing it.

Fonts are key. Ebooks are going to be read either with their computer screen in front of them or a tablet. In some cases, their smartphone. Increase the font, enough to be read on any devices. Experiment with different sizes and fonts to give it that tone.

Of course, don’t forget to run a spell and grammar check. You are judged by something as minor as correct punctuation, so don’t mess up a great book by tossing out semicolons randomly, or stringing sentences together with commas. (By the way, that’s called a “comma splice.”)

If you are using Google Docs, Pages or Word. You can convert them into .pdf file and there you have it! Your book is now ready and gain the eyes of your readers who will be begging for your book!

How To Market Affiliate Programs With Your List

Building a List is one thing, learning how to make money with with your List is another. A quality list is worth a lot of money, and it is not all about quantity.

In order to build quality List, you must have high quality emails to send to your List. Understand what to automate and what you should send as campaigns. What to say and at what length. Just sending your List product info or asking them to check out a product will not cut it in today’s competitive market. This is why we are providing you the best articles on our Blog!

Your Lists are human beings and they did not subscribe to read about new product launches or advertisements. They opted in because of an offer you presented them. Be consistent with what you are promoting and provide the quality throughout your emails.

As a marketer, you need to produce quality information and build that information around your affiliate programs. Choosing a product should mean something to you and to your List. Instead of mentioning the features of a product, provide them the benefits.

Your goal is to have your List put trust and faith in your recommendation. If you are going to talk about a product, instead of a product review, you might want to write something that relates to the use of that product.

Let’s get into some examples:


“GetRepsonse is an Email Marketing Software that provides Email Marketers the tools they need as a Marketer”.

Instead of mentioning that, you might want to write about..

“If you have any questions or concerns, their customer support is top notch and you do not have to worry and waiting, their quick response and dedication will make your life easier”.


You can talk about, How you can automate your emails. Talk about what you can do with it versus what it does.

“Instead of building a whole website, you can create simple ONE Landing Pages for people to opt in to your Email List”.

Here is another example:

“Perfect Timing sends emails to your list based on their behaviors”

Instead, write something like this:

“You do not have to worry what time is best to send your emails” Optimized Timing”.


When promoting a product, you DO NOT want to give them information overload. Cut to the chase and have them check out a VSL. As an Email Marketer this strategy has worked for me over the years. Benefits sells, and providing them visual grasp of what they can do with the product is GOLD!

You want to make sure to avoid promoting too many products in one article. If you get too excited with all the pre-launches and launches that you want to promote every single product you can get your hands on, you will your subscribers crying out and hitting the unsubscribe button.

I wanted to leave you with my guidelines to follow. As a marketer you always want to test everything!

Here is my Keep it Stupid Simple method:

– Friendly Tone

– Make the feel, you are looking out for them

– Interested in helping them achieve something

– Develop a relationship

– List the Benefit

– Help them see themselves using it

– Provide a link to the VSL or your own video

Do not have an Email Marketing Software or Need a better one?

5 Steps to Optimize Your Lead Generation Landing Page

Generating lead is the most important objective for Marketers. In my book “Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing” I reveal the reasons why you should get into email marketing and how you can make incredible income with this business.

There are few moving parts in lead generation and I wanted to go over just 5 of them today.  Before we get into it. You want to make sure that you have the essential in place:

An Offer
Landing Page
Call to Action
Thank You Page

It does not take a genius to create one. Even a simple Landing Page with the offer, CTA, TYP would do the trick. It is not about the design, though important. But what the message is and how your audience react to them.

lp21. What is the Offer?

Whatever the offer is, in this case a Video explaining a case study. It is important how you deliver the message. It can be a book or any other content materials, such as, Infographic, Slide Presentation, and more.

You need to decided on what the message is saying to the audience and have them react to it. In this particular landing page, I have provided the material, and what the material is. The incentive is to tell my prospect that with few steps they can copy and paste, they can follow with ease and duplicate the success.

2. What Do You Want Them to Do?

When you define what the product is and what you want them to react. You need to provide the benefits and reveal something for them to react to. In this case, it is a method where they can copy and paste this particular business. With few words, I have provided my prospect that this is an easy program to follow. Nothing hard and its a quick system.

Instead of telling them all of what I wrote, with few sentences, you want to provide those ideas to them. Your words needs to tell them what you have and what you want them to do.

This landing page is telling my prospect that I have a video if they opted in. A video that they might want. At this point, they will need to decide if they are interested or not.

3. Call-to-Action

Call to action is a form where you want them to take action. It can be a button or a link. Prefer using buttons so that it is obvious and they know exactly what to do after they read what I wrote. Your Prospect sees the message, they see what they need to do (enter name and email) and click to receive this information.

In this case, As I have revealed what this landing page will do for them. I also told them they need to do something for me in return. That is, to enter their name and email to get started.

4. Words

If your prospect enters your name and address, they need to feel something. Instead of having them stop and ask why? Or what it is in for them. You need to take the responsibility to let them know what they should think. This is why it is important for your call to action to be action oriented, words they will see and click. In this landing page, once they enter their information, the call to action button shows “Give Me Access Now”

When you write as if they are saying it, it helps me take that particular action. Instead of saying Get Your Exclusive Access, you are having them read “Give Me Access Now”, and if they either read it out loud or see it, that is going to be their own action.

You can play around with the Call-To-Action words and can use either one. But understand that there is a different method and approaches you can use to get your prospects to take action.

5. Split Test

In order for you to split test your landing pages. You need to understand the difference between what you wrote and put in your landing pages. Creating a habit that each word you use within your landing pages will help your prospect react a certain way. Don’t skip out on analyzing what you wrote.

If you wrote “VIDEO explaining how you can copy and paste” you need to see how people might react to those words. How is this perceived? What reactions will you get from your prospects? Is it convincing? What is in it for them? What are the benefits? The more you think about the words you write on your lead generation page, the better results and structure you will provide yourself. Testing is going to be lot easier and less painful.

For Best Practice:

Your Thank Your Page should remind them that they have subscribed and let them know to check their spam folder if your email ends up there.

If you do not have a website and do not know how to build a landing page like this to start offering your own product or affiliate product. Check our Sendlane or Aweber and get started. If you have any questions, please feel to leave a comment.


My Best Book I’ve Written.. Thus Far

In a months time, I have written an incredible amount of content. From articles to books. I had an amazing time writing and wanting to share it with the world.

If there were only one objective to what I am doing, it is to help people and clear out all the unnecessary trashy contents and tutorials that are out there.

My experience in learning what I know today, has been a roller coaster. But this is who I am. If I had the option of knowing everything and anything in one location, I am all for it. This is why I created this site and started building what I know and provide all the information and tools for other like minded people.

I have written books on Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate, Niche. Books on Blogging, MLM, and Stock Market. I have experience in all of the categories and I wanted to share that with you. You can check out my books HERE

But this one book is what I am very proud of. This is the book that closes the chapter on marketing in general. This book is the “AH HA” book that makes everything work. All the other books I’ve written are all required to become successful, otherwise I would not have written them.

But if you asked me if there was only one thing you can do right now to get started. This book might be it.

This book is called “What Marketers Do Not Understand: Secrets Revealed About the Art of Persuasion”

This is what experts do not want you to see or do. It will decrease their credibility as you will see some of the examples I have provided you. It also removes you from their liability and go your own direction. For me, If you can achieve success with the books, courses and my articles, I can rest assured that you will benefit from me over the long run. If you succeed and surpass me, that is an amazing feeling to receive. If you want to share it with your email List and help them, you might also want to do that.

In the end, I am sick and tired of wasteful content out there today and taking charge of my own and bringing it to the world

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What Marketers Do Not Understand- Secrets Revealed About the Art of Persuasion copy

Art of Selling the Intangible and Pre-Selling

Many entrepreneurs email marketers today who are earning thousands of dollars each month. They have found financial freedom. And when asked what they exactly do with their online business, their answer is affiliate marketing. But what makes many entrepreneurs successful in affiliate marketing? Entrepreneurs are successful in affiliate marketing because they were able to convert the visits of Internet users into sales.

How is it possible for affiliates to easily convince visitors to purchase their product or someone else?

Like anything else, you must teach the behaviors and help them understand the intangible. We are selling products that we cannot physically hold. That means we need to use several ways to gain their attention and condition them into buying the products we promote.


This happens when as you write your emails and help them convince that they are about to click on a link purchase a product they will love, enjoy, benefit with, and etc. You simply cannot promote the product by asking them to check it out.

There is an art of selling and helping people realize that they want something. Your goal is to make sure people are clicking the link you provided. With any Email Marketing Software such as GetResponse, Sendlane or Aweber, you can easily track those reports. You can check them out at my Resource Page

Just how well are you writing your emails and convincing them to click on it? That is your primary goal in getting sales. Of course, you want to build relationships and provide amazing content so your List will want to stay.

But if you do not have the skills to make your list want to click on your links, you will fail as an email and affiliate marketer. I am not promoting any hard sells. But help you understand what needs to be done.

Benefits sell and stories help your List put themselves in the position you want them to be in. If the product is about Yoga and meditation. Just how many of your list are busy in their daily lives? Have them picture themselves or set an example of you being busy and taking this product. It only takes 5 minutes a day to live in a stress, meditated life that makes me feel better, optimistic, goal oriented, and so forth.

You are the broker between your List and the Product. How are you taking on this challenge and get your List to click on your links? This is different than CTA. While we must have CTAs to get them to click, you need to provide What is in it for them or Why should they click? How convinced are your List?

Keep this in mind when you are writing your emails and promoting a product.

Automation for Your Business

A business without any form of automation is a business that is doom to failure. Your goal is to provide equal and consistency  scalable automation that provides all your prospect, customers, and loyal members the attention they deserve.

Your viewers, prospects, customers are coming to your page and they look around your site. Sometimes, they will get distracted with other things, not convinced enough. Whatever the reasons, you do not want your potential buyers leaving your site on accident before making a purchase. You want to capitalize and make the most of this opportunity with automation.


If you have good enough content and products, you will be able to capture your potential buyers to your email List. The reason why you want automation is that, you can put your focus on creating great content and or products and use the automation to guide all your prospect into buyers, into loyal customers.


Autoresponders are a thing of the past. Automation helps you scale and map out your business. Autoresponders are targeted emails based on days, you can run a little promotion email and see how your potential buyers are reacting to them. Automation on the other hand helps you add strategies and implement different ways to optimize your potential customers.

You can provide different triggers and move them to a different series and offer based on their reaction to their emails. It sounds confusing at the same time a tool to get you pinpoint and create personal and behavioral emails. Using an Email Marketing Software like Sendlane or Aweber will help you maximize your business.

If you are having problems planning and need guidance. You would want to read my book “Be Action Oriented Business: Learn How to be Productive, Result Oriented, Action Oriented“.

Not only are you providing emails to your potential buyers, you will automatically send them a different email if they are not opening your emails. Use different strategy to revive and stimulate your prospects. Autoresponders has been an amazing tool. Automation is more work, but produces a better outcome. Not only are you providing your prospects emails, you are building a reputation, trigger based on their needs and understand them.

There are basic triggers you can use today, if you are looking for a specific trigger, you can ask your Email Marketing Software if they have one and possible create one.

You can also move all your current Autoresponders to the amazing Automation and see if you can think few ways to maximize them.

Have your List clicked on your closing sales? Add or end the series and provide a different promotion. Did they purchase the product? Automation can get little tangled up like a spider web. So it is not for the faint hearted. You will need to be organized and make sure your automation passes your test. You will need to have several days, weeks and even months, depending on how long your automation is to test out at issues, errors that you might come across.

I have provided the reasons as to why you want to go Automation vs. Autoresponders. If you are ready, take action and sign up with an Email Marketing Software like Sendlane or Aweber.

If you need to learn methods to organize your business. Get my book

be action oriented copy