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Top 3 Lies About Success that May Hold you Back

Top 3 Lies About Success that May Hold you Back

We all want to achieve success in life. Whether you are an affiliate, an entrepreneur, a freelancer, an employee or just a regular person, success is or should be our topmost priority. However, as you get older, you notice that you could have become much more successful if you hadn’t listened to certain individuals, including you, who have LIED to you.  

Yes, these lies that no one dares to talk about, are the main reason most of us become unsuccessful in life. If you want to be a winner, you need to become aware of what other people are saying to you and of what you are saying to you. You need to pinpoint those lies and remove them out of your life once and for all.

Without further ado, here are the three biggest lies you hear on a daily basis that can prevent you from attaining success.

 1. I Have Tried Everything, Still I can’t Succeed

No, you haven’t. This lie is so common that we don’t even realize we are lying ourselves, or that someone else is lying to us. You might think that you are just born with who you are, with flaws and all, and that no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to get over your limitations. Let me contradict you here.

As a flawed guy, just like you all, I was always predisposed to gaining weight. Everyone else seems to be happy with that, except me. Everyone told me not to worry, that it is in my genes. However, deep inside, I knew that I could somehow lose all those extra pounds. Of course, I tried every diet possible, but nothing worked. However, once I started changing my mentality and I began believing in my power to change, my body literally began to shape as my mind would say.  

From my own experience, and from thousands other experiences, you can change your body without any secrets or tricks. Much of it is about psychology and about correct thinking. Even though the medical issues come as a barrier, once you remove them, you will be able to change your body and be that person you’ve always wanted to be.

 This doesn’t apply just to losing weight, but also to getting that promotion you’ve been struggling to get for years, that new luxury car, that position, that girl, that man, and the list goes on. Remember, the world wants you plain, mediocre, just like most of them. Rise above the ordinary and start controlling the outcomes in your life.

2. I can’t Open up to People as I’m an Introvert

Being an introvert has nothing to do with being bold. This is one of the LIES that I’ve been seeing more of lately. People claim that they just can’t walk up and talk to a stranger, give a speech in public or dive deeper into a discussion. The problem is that this mentality of “introversion” prevents people from attaining success, both in their personal and professional lives. 

We live in a day and age where interactions are the cornerstone of any type of success. For instance, if you want to have success in your career, you need to be able to interact with people in real life, not just online. You need to be able to showcase your skills and establish long-term partners. The same goes true for entrepreneurs who want to land a good joint-venture, or for singles looking for a partner. 

Even if you were born as an introvert, keep in mind that studies prove that introverts PREFER quiet environments. That doesn’t mean that introverts can only thrive in quiet environments. If you struggle with this lie that introverts are not capable of interacting with other people, check out this amazing Ted Talk on the Power of Introverts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0KYU2j0TM4.

3. I Don’t Earn Enough Money in Order to Start Saving at the Moment

You’ve probably had this too. Regardless of your social status, saving money is a top priority for most of us. Whether we’re saving for a bigger, better house, or just for that cheap laptop we can’t afford to buy at the moment, saving is quite a difficult task, especially when you deal with this common lie of not having enough money.

The truth is that EVERYONE can save money if they try. There will always be people who earn less than you and are still able to save money. It all boils down to prioritization. What do I buy? How much do I spend on my hobbies? What are my priorities in life?

As a business owner, saving money is even more important.

Without this skill, you will never be able to manage your business like a pro. Moreover, if you struggle financially in your personal life, chances are that will also struggle in your professional life. 

Of course, getting started might be difficult. No one expects you to save after just a few months of running your business or landing your first job. However, in time, your savings should go up, just like your revenues. Start with something, even if it’s just $10 a month. Put that money aside and add to it every month. After one year, you will notice that your savings account has grown quite big.  

Personally, I try to save around 25 percent of my revenues every month. As my revenue goes up, I will try to increase the amount I save. For instance, let’s say that you make $4,000 a month, and you are saving $1,000 at the moment. If your revenue increases to $5,000, try to save more than $1,250, which represents the same 25 percent. Even if you end up saving $1,500, you still have $500 more money left than what you were earning before the increase.

Starting an online business or growing in your career is definitely not easy

However, if you want to enjoy long-term success, it is imperative to remove these three lies from your life as of today. You can always reach your goals if you believe in yourself and in your power to save money, change your body, build long term connections and ultimately thrive in everything you do.


Top 7 Methods I use to Feel Less Stressed as an Entrepreneur

Top 7 Methods I use to Feel Less Stressed as an Entrepreneur


As an entrepreneur, the title above should resonate with your deepest needs. People generally know that an entrepreneur is stressed and quite busy, but the reality is that the amount of stress we have to deal with on a daily basis can exceed the wildest expectations. If you’re anything like me, you are well aware of how hard and complex the life of an entrepreneur can get.

Once we get caught in the thrill of pursuing that big dream of growing our businesses, it becomes quite easy to dismiss even the simplest needs of life. We totally forget about our hobbies and about our current life, focusing solely on the future. Worry, anxiety and stress settle in, sinking their sharp fangs into our daily routine. Late nights, disastrous meals or no meals at all, junk food, no exercise and early mornings. There is no wonder that we always feel stressed about everything.

The good news is that you can put an end to this never-ending cycle as of now. The following 7 methods to de-stress yourself have been tested and re-tested, not just by myself, but by thousands of entrepreneurs from all around the world. Try to implement them in your regular routine and you will notice how your life will improve dramatically, and with it your success in business.

1. Get into a Workout Routine

Whatever your business is all about or whatever your physical location, a good workout routine can dramatically boost your mental and physical wellness. Nothing beats a good exercise training at 7 am in the morning or at 9 pm in the evening, in case you had a late morning after working all night at a project. Instead of burning your “mental calories”, try to burn your body calories.

Whatever you prefer, whether taking a hike, going for a walk, jogging, lifting weights at the gym or doing power training, a quick workout can do wonders for you. In case you are always on the run, you can find a good gym at pretty much any 3-star and above hotel.

2. Make Sleep a Top Priority

As a busy business owner, just like many of you, sleep is not a priority for me. I just want to remind you of that episode of burnout when you were incapable of doing anything for a full week. Maybe it were just a few days or a couple of hours, but most of us dealt with one. Without rest, we break down and we can’t function properly. Numerous research have proven that people who are well rested take better decisions.

If you want to take good decisions as a manager or entrepreneur, start getting at least 6 hours of sleep a night during weekdays and 8 during weekend. If you can’t get to this number, at least start by sleeping one more hour each night. You will definitely notice the difference after a few weeks.

3. Treat your Body Like a Holy Temple

When life gets hectic, which happens much more often for entrepreneurs than for regular people, we normally choose to take decisions based solely on the convenience factor. In your case, this might mean skipped meals, fast food choices over regular meals, drinking less water and more coffee, getting less sleep, and the list goes on.

Instead of becoming enslaved by those negative decisions, start to take control of your life and choose healthier food habits. Include fruits, veggies and those important proteins and carbs into your daily food choices. If you don’t have time to eat out, you can always order food at the office. Just make sure it’s nothing related to pizza or burgers.

4. Enjoy your Hobby

Something else you can do in order to be less stressed during the day is to practice your hobby at least once a week. Whether it’s taking a Jacuzzi bath, having a massage, driving your car with 90 mph or just reading, try to free 30 minutes of your day and do what you love. You will not just feel better, but you will also gain more motivation to complete all those stringent tasks. Trust me when I say that this minimum time investment spent doing what you love will pay off more than you’ve expected.

5. Simplify your Life

The mess-riddled areas such as studio, office, email or even garage need a proper clean-up if you want to de-stress and boost your productivity. Clean your desk, make room in the garage, put your secretary to read your inbox for you, etc. You will feel much better when everything is in its place.

6. Schedule Everything

I personally love to keep track of everything, from my revenues and expenses to the hours I sleep and tasks I need to perform next month. I use multiple calendars, both on my laptop and smartphone. Treat all of the tasks in your life, even mundane tasks such as shopping or going to gym, with the same level of importance as you would treat an important meeting. Schedule your day and you will end up saving at least 30 minutes in wasted time.

7. Think Big but Act Small

And finally, the jewel of the crown, the best thing you can do to feel de-stressed and to take all that burden off your shoulders is to think big, but act small. You should have big ambitions, bigger than most of your competitors or partners. They might even get to scare you at some point. However, to accomplish your ambitions, you need to act small, taking tiny, daily steps.

Your small daily tasks, such as eating breakfast, drinking more water, going to gym, sleeping more, enjoying your hobby, scheduling everything or even cleaning up your inbox, are the cornerstone of your ambitions. To reach your ambitions, start by doing these small things first. Tackle the tasks that are under your control and you will be able to achieve what is not under your control. Shape your future by influencing your present and your life will suddenly be less stressed.

How to Make Personality Testing Work For You

How to Make Personality Testing Work For You

If you’re reading this article then you’ve probably been thinking (as many people do) about how to improve yourself on a personal level. Whether that is increasing your confidence, developing leadership mentality skills, being more focused in your life or even just understanding your root motivations and how you see the world, personality testing can give you the insight you want to start making changes.

There are many tests available, both free and sponsored, that can provide you with subjective insight into your character, one of the most tried and tested of these is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). While being similar to Carl Jung’s Type Testing in that it measures introspection and extroversion, MBTI differs by basing its outcomes not on judgments but by more “open ended” responses based on perception.

Of course, with any information, it is only of value if we know how to use it. In this article, we will look at how to interpret data you get from personality tests, and more importantly, how to make positive changes in your day to day life based on what you’ve learned.


Who Should Take these Tests?

Taking theses test can either be a personal choice or one that an employer, who may be looking to change company dynamics, may make. While it is unlikely that any information you gain will blow your mind, they will make you realize that your key strengths and weaknesses are not yours alone and that most of us do fit broadly into fairly distinct personality types.

By understanding this, we can then seek to make positive changes by utilizing our strengths and making support/scaffolding structures to back up our weaker areas. Understanding yourself better is the first step in becoming a better you.

If you wanted to start a company, wouldn’t you look at the assets involved, the limitations in providing your service? Sure you would, and taking a personality test is really no different. When you want to make something new, first look at the materials you are working with, then plan for success.


What the Results Mean

It’s important to remember that any statements made on a personality test (even the MBTI), are not blanket statements. If a result states “introverted”, this doesn’t mean that that’s all you are, or even that it is necessarily a bad thing. It just means that within certain circumstances, the person taking the test demonstrates a tendency towards introversion.

Does this mean that you are doomed to a life of introversion? No. What it does mean, however, is that you now know that in some situations, you will likely not be the most outgoing person in the room. So how can we use this to our advantage? By being aware, we have the advantage that we can set up support structures in advance to help make situations that we may ordinarily feel are disadvantageous, into situations where we can excel!

What are Support Structures?

Support structures are simply preparations that you have made in order to help yourself achieve a better result.

Let’s look at a very common example:

Situation: You are at a meeting where there are two opposing ideas.

The problem: In pressure situations, you tend to be a little quiet and shy of pushing your ideas.

The solution: Here’s how you might set up some scaffolding or support structures.

  1. Make sure that you can describe your concept in very simple, short sentences.
  2. Make a list of possible negatives that your idea (or point of view) might face. Figure out a plain language rebuttal to these negatives.
  3. Be prepared to use “interjection language”. For example, if you feel that you are being sidelined, draw the attention back to yourself by beginning your next sentence with a slightly louder “So …” or “And…” The added volume and o course the fact that these words are conjunctive (thereby continuing) should make people refocus on you.
  4. Prepare a summation and practice it. If you can make a concise summary that reiterates your idea, deals with negatives and shows at least two good reasons why yours is the better idea, then be ready to use it. The more you practice saying it at home, the more freely it will flow from you and stay on point.

This is not just applicable to you work life. Many people face this challenge in the home or at school, too.


How Do I Use This Information Today?

The first step is to consider how the personality test actually made you feel. There are no right or wrong results; it’s all about your subjective feelings about those results. If there are parts that you felt were negative, then this is the time to look at how you can turn these into positives.

For example, if a result states that you tend to act too impulsively, then there are several things you can do to remedy this. Begin by making a list of situations you might be in where you are likely to make impulsive or instinctive decisions. Consider what option you will have in those situations and then take your time to think about what decision will provide the best long-term outcome for you. By doing this, you are no longer acting in an “impulsive manner”. Your decisions will be based on rational forethought and consideration, which is more often than not, a better outcome.

How Can I Ensure Positive Changes Going Forward?

Changing our habits is not an overnight move. Psychologists argue that habit forming behavior takes around three to four weeks of consistency before your neural paths begin rewriting. If you only try to improve yourself a couple of days a week, you’re doomed to fail. Self-improvement is not a one-off; it’s a lifelong, and rewarding, undertaking, that if done right can make you one of those rare few: a contented person.

Set yourself challenges on a daily basis. By tasking yourself, you not only get the personal pleasure of achievement, you set yourself up to be the kind of person that hits goals. Try not to make the goals unrealistic, figure out how you will measure each success with some clear parameters and failure factors. And remember, if you don’t succeed the first time, keep going, evaluate and try again.


What Personality Type are You? Take the test here 

If you want to learn more about Myer Briggs Personalities Types, go through these list of books below and start learning who you are, and who can be. Offer these books to your employees and or friends and encourage each others to take control and create change


100 Leadership & Success Books to Read in a Lifetime

z35W7z4v9z8w If you had the chance to be a better you, would you do it?

Here is the secret:

Read books. Get to understand those who succeeded and mimic their ways. Learn from their mistakes and believe in yourself.

Books have been the best thing. It is a treasure you can go through and search for answer. We are living in the internet age where we want to be successful quickly. The more success and failures you witness, the more knowledge and wisdom you will have. You will understand how to be a leader and create your own success. These books change lives. Some of the books aren’t my recommendation.

Amazon editors released their list of 100 Leadership & Success Books to Read in a Lifetime. Frankly, majority of them, I’ve read before.

100 Leadership & Success Books to Read in a Lifetime

9 Reasons To Start Earning OUTSIDE of your current job

Online Business or Starting a business to earn extra income has been widely accepted and every single day, people are wanting, eager to get started

I am not saying, quit your job. I used to work 9-5, 10-7 jobs and decided I needed to do something without jeopardizing my current job. I also did not want to give up on my new business easily. It needed a balance and you have to prioritize yourself.

Whatever your goal is, whatever your reason is. Just make sure you are giving yourself time and energy. Do not give up. My goal was to quit my job and work from anywhere. Then it changed to, wanting to work from anywhere to anytime. Set your goals straight and plan ahead.

My book, “Be Action Oriented Business: Learn How to be Productive, Result Oriented, Action Oriented“, can help you stay organized and help you make wise business decision. I used those three simple strategies to help balance my job and my new business.

Consider this a motivational article and help you jumpstart you, wanting to be your own boss. That sounds great right?

Just imagine how you would feel to get up at your own time, not running late, living paycheck to paycheck. Not listening to the Boss ordering you around and telling you to get this done on time.

Whether your goal is that far ahead or not. It would be nice to earn extra income outside of your current job. Save it for a rainy day, or retirement. You want to improve the quality of life for yourself and for your family.


1. Being your own boss. Freedom to do anything you want, whenever you want.

2. Setting your own work time. Be your own master. Wake up late or work early and play later. Have a flexible schedule.

3. Not bound by your duty. Whether you like to be routine based or limit yourself of the opportunities you can have. You now have the freedom and the flexibility to do whatever you want. Learn whatever you want and do whatever you want to do.

4. Whether you want to keep your job and work for yourself. Both are great choice. If your business starts to make enough money for you to quit your job, that is the day! You also have two ways to making money instead of one.

5. Job security is real. Hundreds of thousands of people are unemployed. And fear of being unemployed might be on your mind. Help yourself by removing that fear.

6. Own Pride. You can now have a sense of pride. Sense of ownership. You are an entrepreneur who has achieved something. Make something of yourself. That should feel amazing.

7. Confidence level is up the roof! This alone can help you go through obstacles. There is no giving up and no one can stop you.

8. Sky is the limit and your earnings have no limit. You can earn as much as you want, adjust the speed and set goals. You are in charge of how much money you want to make and go at it.

9. So, when do you want to retire? That is up to you and how determined you are to get there.

I see and hear people only talk about wanting to do this or that. But no one tells me that they need to. There is a difference and I hope you take that step towards you needing to become a better and successful entrepreneur. You can do it.

Newbs Guide to Success – Disbelieve is a physical barrier

First of all, do not call yourself a newb, and never let anyone convince you that you are.

There is a psychological level of making yourself believe your new and you will start creating barriers.

“I do not know anything, and do not know where to start”

“I am not tech savvy person and do not have a clue”

These words are used by people who wants to believe that they can’t do it or do not want to do anything.


You start believing that and eventually stop the pursuit.

Experience doesn’t mean anything, along with Intelligence. Everything is Irrelevant.

The one thing you need is to believe in yourself and set in motion of “What to Do”.

Taking those steps require you to stop saying you can’t do it, and help you build your momentum, motivation, passion, the drive. Once you take that one step, know that you have accomplished it and continue to the next.

Believing in yourself and acknowledging those steps, whether it is small, you’ve done something and pad yourself on the back.



Success is Just a Threshold Away

It’s easy to get pumped up, excited and energetic about a new opportunity.

Maybe it’s a new business strategy that will get you to your goal, whatever that is.

Just how many people out there give up once the energy dies out?

Just how many disappointment(s) will it take for you to give up?

Whether or not you want to believe that you failed because of yourself. Or blame the program.

Not understanding that there are thresholds you need to overcome, will eventually make you want to quit.

Let’s take Email Marketing for example. You have built up to 1,000 email list and you are currently promoting few products to your List. No one bites. For one month, you thought you tried everything and now you want to give up.

Okay, there are few factors here you might want to add. You want to write down the list of reasons why this is not going as you expected. Even, write down your expectation. You will eventually come to realize the Goal and Reality.

Another perspective is that, just how many people have YOU convinced? Let’s break this down to the bone:

How well have you written your emails? How many times have you wrote it? What were the product? How did you present it to them? What can you do differently? What words did you use? What was the Open/Click Rate? Unsubscribe rates? Just how many questions have you asked yourself?

Instead of feeling disappointed. Success is just a threshold away. Break that wind of emotions and continue forward. Answer questions till you can’t find one. Track what you did and the results. Focus back to the beginning and your goals. Stick to your goals and let the system do its job.

Countless of people just like you, are asking the same questions. They have the same concerns as you. We are all going through them. Whether you work with a team or surround yourself with supporters, or work at this alone. Know that the next step can build up your success.