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7 Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

7 Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

I wrote a previous article:

Here’s How To Avoid The 3 Most Mistakes When Promoting a Product

To provide a better guide on mistakes, I started to reflect back to when I started affiliate marketing. Make sure you read both article and articles related to this one at the end of this page.

It is a fact that affiliate marketing is a valuable and convenient source of income to earn from home, without making any investments. While it seems easy to implement, there are some mistakes prospective marketers fall prey. If you too plan to enter the affiliate marketing field, you can attain more success by avoiding these mistakes.

1. Advertising products not related to your site

No matter how good an affiliate marketing program may be, and no matter how high a commission you stand to earn, there is no point advertising about it if your website does not have anything to do with the product.

Remember, it is the people who visit your site who may buy whichever product you market. If your site is about self-improvement, you will have visitors looking for help and perhaps some self-improvement tips. It is very unlikely your visitors will be interested in buying the gaming accessories you are promoting on your site!!

2. Using banner pages

Many affiliate marketers create web pages full of affiliate banners thinking that the more banner ads they place on the page, the more clicks they get. However, this is a huge mistake to make as most surfers who reach your banner page are least bothered with and thus ignore banner ads. Just put yourself in the shoes of a surfer; how would YOU react to a page full of banner ads? It’s obvious you would think you have other work to do than look at a page of banners!

3. Not trying or using the product

Just imagine your client asking you something about your product, and you were replying that you do not know the answer? Do you think your client will buy your product, which you don’t know anything?

Forget your customer; would you buy something from a person who does not know anything about the product they are selling? So do not make the mistake of not trying out or learning all you can about whatever product you sell. No one will be interested in a product you are not interested in learning more!

4. No website promotion

A common affiliate marketers complaint are not receiving many hits. Well, this is not an affiliate marketing problem; they do not receive hits because their website is not search engine optimized. It is through search engine optimization that people reach a site. If there are no site visitors, how can you expect to receive hits?

In addition to SEO, websites need to be registered with a niche directory to receive more traffic. Failing to do so will not bring in visitors or hits. Affiliate marketing and search engine optimization go hand in hand; it is not enough to make a website and post links hoping it generates money. You cannot afford to ignore SEO in affiliate marketing.

5. The wrong niche

The secret to successful affiliate marketing lies in choosing the right niche. Remember, you are not the first person promoting any product. You have many competition out there, which is why you need to use Keyword Tools to learn more about your competition.

It’s human instinct to target large niches as they are more in demand than other niches, and thus should generate more hits. However, as these fields are known, they also have other sites competing for them. It is thus better choosing a more specific niche while starting out at affiliate marketing as it’s a more profitable niche.

For example, instead of promoting kitchen utensils, you can promote a particular brand or only baking accessories or copper-bottomed utensils. You thus receive traffic from people who are specifically looking out for these products. In fact, there is a higher chance of their buying something from you as you are promoting just what they require!

6. Promoting the wrong product

Many beginner affiliate marketers who are in a rush to start making money just build websites and start developing the more popular products they come across, without doing any prior research. This is a huge mistake as you need to choose a product based on your selected online audience.

You need to do your online research in your targeted online audience to find out which products are high in demand. You also have to see if there are any problems they are facing and if there is any specific information they need.

You can then accordingly choose the right product they need or are interested about, and start promoting it on your website. Besides selecting a product they require, you also have to make sure you know something about the product you plan to market. This way you will be able to write an honest review of the product for your online audience.

7. Joining too many affiliate marketing programs at once

It is both free, and so easy joining affiliate marketing programs today, which most marketers are tempted to join as many of them as possible at once. They do so with the intention of generating maximum profit by simultaneously promoting various products from different affiliate programs.

This is a bad idea as it only leads to a big headache as you cannot concentrate, learn more about and promote all of them at the same time. Moreover, if you market various products, you only confuse your online audience, and they start losing trust in you.

Start out by advertising about one product at a time, by conducting the necessary research so that you wisely choose one affiliate program and start promoting it on your site. It’s only after that product starts giving you result that you can start looking out for and promoting the second product.

These are the seven most common mistakes people starting out in affiliate marketing commit. As you know them now, it is up to you to make sure you do not repeat the same mistakes. While it is true that you learn from your mistakes, it is also true that prevention is better than cure.

So instead of committing these mistakes and wasting your time and efforts, it is better avoiding these errors and concentrating more on how to perfect your art of affiliate marketing!

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How To Market Affiliate Programs With Your List

Building a List is one thing, learning how to make money with with your List is another. A quality list is worth a lot of money, and it is not all about quantity.

In order to build quality List, you must have high quality emails to send to your List. Understand what to automate and what you should send as campaigns. What to say and at what length. Just sending your List product info or asking them to check out a product will not cut it in today’s competitive market. This is why we are providing you the best articles on our Blog!

Your Lists are human beings and they did not subscribe to read about new product launches or advertisements. They opted in because of an offer you presented them. Be consistent with what you are promoting and provide the quality throughout your emails.

As a marketer, you need to produce quality information and build that information around your affiliate programs. Choosing a product should mean something to you and to your List. Instead of mentioning the features of a product, provide them the benefits.

Your goal is to have your List put trust and faith in your recommendation. If you are going to talk about a product, instead of a product review, you might want to write something that relates to the use of that product.

Let’s get into some examples:


“GetRepsonse is an Email Marketing Software that provides Email Marketers the tools they need as a Marketer”.

Instead of mentioning that, you might want to write about..

“If you have any questions or concerns, their customer support is top notch and you do not have to worry and waiting, their quick response and dedication will make your life easier”.


You can talk about, How you can automate your emails. Talk about what you can do with it versus what it does.

“Instead of building a whole website, you can create simple ONE Landing Pages for people to opt in to your Email List”.

Here is another example:

“Perfect Timing sends emails to your list based on their behaviors”

Instead, write something like this:

“You do not have to worry what time is best to send your emails” Optimized Timing”.


When promoting a product, you DO NOT want to give them information overload. Cut to the chase and have them check out a VSL. As an Email Marketer this strategy has worked for me over the years. Benefits sells, and providing them visual grasp of what they can do with the product is GOLD!

You want to make sure to avoid promoting too many products in one article. If you get too excited with all the pre-launches and launches that you want to promote every single product you can get your hands on, you will your subscribers crying out and hitting the unsubscribe button.

I wanted to leave you with my guidelines to follow. As a marketer you always want to test everything!

Here is my Keep it Stupid Simple method:

– Friendly Tone

– Make the feel, you are looking out for them

– Interested in helping them achieve something

– Develop a relationship

– List the Benefit

– Help them see themselves using it

– Provide a link to the VSL or your own video

Do not have an Email Marketing Software or Need a better one?

Here’s How To Avoid The 3 Most Mistakes When Promoting a Product

Email Marketing and Affiliate Marketing are powerful business. The potential to reach hundreds and thousands of people are within your grasp. Affiliate products you want to promote are easy to join and pays commission on a regular basis.

However, there are some downfalls in the affiliate marketing that I wish to discuss today. Making these common mistakes will cost you and your business. Your Lists are human beings, and they will quickly realize what you do and the agenda you have.

Promoting product is an art as well as making money machine. Take into these consideration when you are building your List and your online business.


Mistake #1: Wrong Affiliates

I get it, you want to earn from affiliate marketing as fast as possible. But rushing to promoting a product and jumping on the bandwagon is not the solution. Just because the product is “Hot” or Pre Launching does not mean you should get ready to sell it. You need to stop and think if the product will appeal to your list and not promote every single affiliate product within your niche. Every product that does not appeal to your list will only get your list to hit the unsubscribe button.

It is not only about providing email content and help them understand about the product. But the quality of the product itself. The best solution is to pick a product that appeals to you. In doing so, you have the upper hand of convincing others to use the product.

Would you rather promote a product you are passionate about or promote for the sake of making money? High ticket items does not make the quality of the product that much better. Low ticket item does not mean the quality is not great. Stick to what you know or learn more about the product so you can provide your list well informed content and provide the benefits of the products.


Mistake #2: Sell Everything

This goes back to wanting to get rich quick. When you first start out wanting to make money with affiliate marketing, you want to join every affiliate programs out there. Since it is easy to join, you are tempted to say, if I promote X amount of product someone might buy one.

Of course, having multiple sources of affiliate programs is great. But not having to concentrate on the product and its benefits will only send your list to question your content and your convincing power is limited.

If your email is like this:

Hey, I just came across this product and I want you to check it out.

Chances are nobody will buy from you.

This goes back to promoting quality product. You want to plan ahead and find few products you can really appreciate and concentrate on each one of them

If the product is not selling, you can revise your approach and see what else you can do. Spreading yourself thin and promoting more than what you can handle will only decrease your content quality and room for improvement.

If you are following any done for you or done with your program, just how do you know what you do will succeed? Just because someone said it works, does not mean it will work for you. How you sell and how they sell is two totally different approaches. Take ownership and sell based on what you know you can sell.


Mistake #3: Not Having Hands on Experience

Experts talk about products they use themselves or see themselves using it. This is how you can provide visual understanding of the product and what it can do for your List.

The main purpose is to purchase the product you want to promote so that if you are thoroughly convinced, you can use that knowledge to convince others. How are you going to recommend buying a BMW if you drive a Mercedes? Think of it as investment and providing your List, insight to a product. Give them exclusive content you have seen for yourself.

I am not here to sell you the products I have made or used, but the important thing you need to take away from this is how can you convince your List a product you have not tried yourself? Why should they click on that button? What are you offering and why is it important for your List?

See what promises are being delivered.

The other reason is to provide quality product. You must be the guinea pig and experiment. That is why Amazon is so successful. People buy because of the reviews of the product. They can see or imagine themselves using it by reading about other people’s experience.

These are common mistakes that new affiliate marketer make. Do not fall into the same situation and blame it on the result. The better you qualify the product the better your List will appreciate you for it. It will build loyalty and trust. Be their go-to guy for product and product reviews. Do not let the other guy take your business away from you

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Finding Alternatives to Clickbank – List of Affiliate Marketplace

Every area, industry, has a dominant player. Apple is the dominant player in technology, followed by Samsung, Microsoft, Lenovo, LG, Huawei, etc. When it comes to internet and online marketplaces, the dominant power is no doubt ClickBank. It is good to know alternatives are out there.

Each of these fine alternatives has things to offer and some drawbacks too.  But it is worth knowing what to look for so you can make an intelligent decision.  There is just no question that Clickbank dominates the field for good reasons. Clickbank is far and away the largest affiliate marketplace in the world.  So by putting your product on Clickbank, you could potentially see it picked up for over 150,000 affiliates if they notice you.  That is quite a sales army to cash in on.

A few of the policy decisions Clickbank has made are not so brilliant and put them in the negative side of the evaluation.  The policy that is beneficial to Clickbank customers but causes a lot of problems is their iron clan refund policy.  This is an outstanding customer relationship approach because it sends the message that Clickbank stand behind the products sold on the service.  But in a world such as Clickbank’s where the entire transaction and all products are digital, it pretty much leaves an open door to thieves and shoplifters who download products and then file for refund without explanation.

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to start an online business. There are no overhead cost, unless you are using software to better manage your business. You do not have to purchase, store and do any inventory. You simply have to sell products that people love. Maybe one day, you will discover a need and create your own product. For the time being, you can sell ready made products and make money selling them.

Let’s look at some of the players that are out there.









Deal Guardian

Having more options and more products to sell, will only help you increase exposure and provide these amazing options to your audience. Do not marry the marketplace but provide what is best for your audience.

There are other affiliate marketplace out there to explore. Never stop searching for the latest and greatest product offers that might just get you to your goal of financial freedom.

Let us know what other marketplace you have found and tell us what is amazing about them!