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I will be writing countless of books from the knowledge I’ve gained from my experiences. Most of them will be in Kindle Format. If you would like to purchase these books, you can go click on them.

Hint: If you sign up for Kindle Unlimited, you get to try your first month for free and access my books for free. You won’t exactly keep my copies but you will be able to read them. All you have to do is click on the “Buy Kindle Edition” and sign up for kindle unlimited there.

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Social Media Marketing:

Quora Marketing: Building your Brand

In US alone, it is estimated that over 775,000 people ask questions, respond to queries or build their brand on this network every single month. The audience includes knowledge seekers and experienced marketers that need the most accurate answers to their questions. I ran an experiment to see if it was possible to make money with Quora, drive traffic to landing pages/sites and if the Quora content will continue to bring traffic.

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Email Marketing:



This is the ABC’s of Email Marketing. If you need to understand the basic fundamentals and the reason why you should get into this business. This book is for you. This is the first book of the Email Marketing series that will help you become successful

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How to be an expert Email Marketer copy

Learn what most Experts don’t know how to teach. Basically, this book will teach you on how to be an expert in Email Marketing, more importantly, in anything you want to learn.

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What Marketers Do Not Understand- Secrets Revealed About the Art of Persuasion copy

This is the ultimate book that brings all of my books on Email Marketing together. Marketers are using methods that just don’t work. You need incredible budget to gain a massive list and hope to make sales. Learn how you can start from the beginning and gain incredible results. SECRETS REVEALED about the Art and Science of Persuasion

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37 hacks copy

Learn how these 37 Email Hacks that is going to save you time and money. Learn how to be a successful Email Marketer Today!

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nichemastery copy

Discover how to become a Niche Master! Learn how to find a niche and the steps you need to take to turn yourself into an Expert Nicher.

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Learn How to Write Emails Like a Pro copy

Stuck on writing Emails? Learn this formula and write like a pro. What most Email Marketing Expert don’t tell you.

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Learn how to sell using these 7 highly effective strategy. You do not want to miss this!

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be action oriented copy

DO NOT miss out on the opportunity to increase your productivity. Be action oriented and gain amazing results. Three simple methods on how you can be the best and be effective and efficient.

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email_marketing_meets_mlm (3)

Struggling with MLM? Here is how you can start making real money and scale your business worldwide!

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blog master copy

Want to make six figure income by blogging? Or be freelance writer and learn how to expose yourself to new clients? This is the ultimate guide for anyone who is interested in blogging.

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Stock Market



How I Turned $500 into $10,000 in 7 days trading copy

Real Life example of how I turned $500 into $10,000 in 7 Days. It reveals what goes on my mind when trading and how you influence your own trading. Helpful insight to help you learn how to trade better.

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How to Focus When Trading copy

This is my golden ticket for survival. Accumulated through experiences. Without going back to these rules, I would not have succeeded in trading.

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